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Achieve 50% Faster Bidding Cycles Through Automation

Powered by low-code, E-Procurement Solution offers enterprises with the tools to rapidly customize, integrate, and deploy a bidding solution that helps them supercharge their tender process with flexibility and efficiency.

Managing tenders and bids differs across businesses.

Mokxa E-Procurement Solution allows you to visually configure the platform to meet your specific supply chain needs in just weeks.

Bid Launch 

RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs. E-Procurement helps buyers to create bids, set up scoring systems, get approval, and invite vendors to participate. 

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Bid Submission

Raise the bar of tenders competition by enabling vendor self-service. They get to participate and submit their best offer, while staying informed with ongoing updates about the status of their bids. 

Bid Shortlisting & Management

Faster bids evaluation, better decision making. Automated bids comparison and scoring systems are aligned with comparison criteria and past records. 

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Reverse Bidding / Live Auction

Use E-Procurement to set up ‘Live Auction’ for selected vendors to negotiate bids and finalize them online.

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Take Your enterprise Bids to the next level

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Better procurement turnaround through workflow automation

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Centralized bid management with unified technology on a single platform 

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Instant access to bid data for decision making 

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Customizable UI by user roles & specific needs of enterprise supply chain

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Open architecture to easily extend & scale your procurement

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Ready To Automate Your Bidding Process? Book A personalized Demo Today! 

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